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CenturionPro Silencer 
Product Code: 217595


Even the best bud trimmer makes a little bit of noise. That’s where the CenturionPro Silencer comes into play. This is an essential for any operation that’s looking to minimize sound and maximize privacy.

The CenturionPro Silencer complements a wide range of our products and is customized to work with each. This incredible product pairs with the CenturionPro MiniCenturionPro Silver Bullet and CenturionPro Original. The CenturionPro Silencer is an excellent accessory for any operation that uses our superior commercial bud trimmers.

Reduce the noise in your business environment by 30 percent using our silencer that utilizes cutting-edge technology. It’s conveniently compact and lightweight and is included with the purchase of a Silver Bullet. This product is designed for easy storage. It requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean, using a unique air filter within its interior that effectively reduces noise. This is a one-stop solution for clients who want the benefit of reduced sound while increasing security.

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