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Solventless Cannabis Processing

Pressing is part science and part art form in which many people get less than average results. Poor results can be strain related, but more often it is because people are squishing poor to average flowers, which is perfectly fine, but if you want stellar results, you need stellar material.With Rosin production your results are predetermined in the garden!

Quality is also closely related to freshness and you will often see your very best results when pressing flowers as soon after they are dried and cured as possible. The longer you wait, the darker it will be (oxidization), so make sure to squish buds when they’re as fresh as possible. 

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That being said, some strains and types of cannabis flowers do tend to yield better than others, namely indicas and hybrids anecdotally do better than wispy sativas. Your heavy hitting, ultra-potent plants are usually going to be big yielders as the resin production is elevated with genetics. When it comes down to it, the biggest determination for yield, flavor, and quality is all based on how well the material was grown and how strong its genetics were in the first place.


Top Strains For Rosin Production:

  • GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4)

  • Chemdawg #4 (anything in the Chem family)

  • Sour Strains

  • Papaya and its Crosses

Relative Humidity Makes or Breaks Yields

Another major factor that we determined after many flower rosin presses is that the humidity and moisture content of your buds will make a massive difference for your flower rosin yields. The reason for this is that if your cannabis is very dry, it will act like a sponge when the trichomes are liquefied, thus soaking up much of the rosin before it has a chance to escape. When you press your flowers, always make sure the relative humidity content of your material is at least 60% to 65% for optimal results. Moisture levels are a personal preference when it comes to joints, but when it comes to rosin pressing the best RH to use is 62%.

You can quickly and easily check the moisture content of your flower by using either an analog hygrometer, such as the kind found in many cigar boxes.

Our Services:

 You bring your flower and we turn in it into the product of your choice!

All press Services include:

  1. Pre Press: We press one small sample of your flower to ensure your material will produce. If you are satisfied with the results, we continue to step 2. If your flower does not produce, you will not be charged.

  2. Main Press: Take a seat and watch as your cannabis is processed!

  3. Post Press: We always double press to ensure you receive maximum yield!

  4. Post Press product collection and packaging

  5. Option to mix strains into one press for a variety of flavor combinations!

  6. Option to press without a micron bag and take your press chips home.

Press Services Offered Mondays and Saturdays 11am - 3pm and by Private Appointment.

Those licensed and and are able to carry more than one ounce in public can book for after hours clinic appointments.


SALE Pricing:

Rosin, Shatter or Cold Press Hash: FULL OUNCE ONLY $25!!!

Have 5 or more friends who want to press?? Private press parties available!!

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