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strains Recommended for New Growers

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Chocolope - Feminized
Cream Caramel - Feminized
Northern Lights - Feminized
Blue diesel- feminized
White Widow - Feminized
Hawaiian Gold - Auto
Bubble Gum - Auto
Gelato - feminized
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Auto Critical CBD
Auto Cheese CBD
Cali Kush CBD - Feminized

strains Recommended for Growers With moderate experience

Sweet Tooth - Feminized
Jack Herer - Feminized
Bruce Banner - Feminized
AK47 - Feminized
LA Confidential - Feminized
Gorilla Glue #4 - Feminized
GSC - Feminized
Blue Dream - Feminized
Alien OG - Feminized
Sour Diesel - Feminized
OG Kush - Feminized
Pink Kush - Auto Flower

Recommended for Advanced Growers

Chemdog - Feminized
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