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Stealth Filtration Carbon Filter 45s

Product Code: 114105

The 45cm Stealth Filtration carbon filter was created with a slender form and to be paired faultlessly with a Stealth in-line fan. This slim unit has a diameter hole that is matched with the 4” Stealth fan. The 4” in-line model has a similar CFM rating, which will allow for sufficient contact time between the air and carbon bed. Your carbon filter should have an equal or 20% higher CFM rating than the in-line fan it is paired with to reduce wind resistance. An activated carbon filter is especially important to retain consistent performance when ventilating developing cannabis plants, as faster circulation is required as they mature. Each carbon filter unit includes a pre-filter dust pad.


Stealth Filtration units are constructed into a stainless steel cylinder with porous walls that are tightly packed with soft natural carbon. This pure activated carbon removes 99.9% of all odours, pollen, mold spores, airborne pathogens and other volatile organic compounds. Stealth Filtration carbon is sourced straight from earth coal and is charged and granulated during our pre-manufacturing process. The granulated texture allows for a large internal surface that attracts odours through positive polarity. When packed together tightly, this creates a uniform packed bed and allows the filter to perform at its top absorption rate for 24 months straight with no maintenance required. A carbon filter is highly recommended for both Stealth intake and exhaust fans to ensure all transpired VOCs are removed, and no outside airborne pathogens are sucked into the grow space.

Stealth filters can also be used for commercial applications outside of horticulture, where industrial odour control and air purification are required.


  • Slim form

  • Long-lasting pure granulated carbon

  • High-absorption rate

  • Capable of capturing large VOC molecules

  • Outer dust filter included


  • Model:45S

  • CFM:150

  • Flange:4” flange pre-installed

  • Pre-filter:Included

Dimensions & weight

  • Unit dimensions: 4” x 18”

  • Packaging dimensions: 21.5" H x 8" W x 8.25" D

  • Weight:13.3 lbs

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