Potency Testing


The Purpl PRO by Purpl Scientific Inc. is a new generation of analytical instrumentation based on near-infrared spectroscopy, This accuracy of ± 2% compares favorably to tests performed by licensed cannabis testing laboratories, but with the significant advantages of instantaneous results, reduced cost, reduced complexity, and the capability to perform tests in the field or any commercial environment. The Pupl PRO measures potency of both THC and CBD. Concentrate adaptor coming soon. 


You will only need about one gram of DRIED FLOWER per sample. All samples will be returned after testing. The test only takes a few moments. WALK INS Welcome! 


$15.00 per test

Processing services

Rosin pressing

Let our 30 ton heat press, Presszilla, turn your bud into spun gold! 

Walk Ins Welcome! 

1oz flower press:                      $5.00

1oz flower press plus collection:  $10.00

Half oz Kief Press                     $10.00   

1oz Kief Press:                         $10.00

Larger quantity processing available to those who hold a valid license.  

Get the BEST out of your PRESS! 
To get the best press, you need to start with WELL TRIMMED QUALITY FLOWER. Rosin Pressing is not appropriate for shake or cannabis flower that is extremely dry. To ensure you get the best press start with quality flower that has a humidity of 65-67%. The dryer the flower, the more the product will be reabsorbed thereby resulting in a lower yield. If your flower is too dry, the fasted way to rehydrate is by simply placing a damp paper towel inside a glass jar and let sit for 12-24hrs. 

activated Rosin / rso / honey oil extraction

1oz flower:                      $20.00

Processing time 3 days. 

Hash extraction

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