lets get twisted

Join Stone Queen Organics on November 13 at The Back Alley - St. Thomas to celebrate our recent Karma Cup win! 

It will be a Killer night with live performances by Ras Cottreezy, Jonas Brown and The Academy.


Door Prizes, Raffles, Games, Wicked Surprises and of course, THC!!!


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BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE and you will automatically be entered into our "GET TWISTED" draw. This prize is packed with THC including the strains SQO will be entering into next year's Karma Cup!

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BUD Boosters

Green Planet


1 Quart


Terpinator is a plant nutrient formulated with potassium and naturally occurring compounds. Terpinator is designed to increase the concentration of terpenes in aromatic plant oils.


Green Planet

Dense Bud Compound 



Dense Bud Compactor is a flowering additive with a specially formulated blend of potassium, which can be used separately from your regular feeding program. It is designed to maximize mass and bulk flowers during the end of bloom stage.


Bloom Products


REMO Bloom

1 Litre


This proprietary blend of macro and micronutrients provide your plants with the foundation for maximized yield. Pharmaceutical grade minerals, marine extracts and the finest chelates ensure consistency and pH balance. 

REMO Astro Flower

1 Litre


This precise blend of fossilized organics target the areas of your plant that control bud development and assists with the production of essential oils and aromatics, and increasing potency.


Our unique blend of carbohydrates and amino acids is extremely beneficial for all stages of plant development. The multiple sugar varieties help with feeding beneficial bacteria and fungi in your root zone, while the amino acids help in improving nutrient uptake and micro flora levels.


Nature's Candy 

4 Litre



Soiless Nutrients

Cyco Bloom A

1 Litre


Cyco Bloom A and B gives support to a plants natural growth by supplying a range of primary, secondary and micro nutrients, which are needed to give a plant the best possible flower development.

Cyco Bloom B

1 Litre


Bloom A & B contain potassium, magnesium, phosphate, calcium, and other elements all needed to aid in the flower development cycle.

Cyco Swell

1 Litre


The phosphorus in Cyco Swell plays an essential part in photosynthesis, it assists with plant maturation and aids in Withstanding stress; increasing growth and encouraging bloom. The potassium found in Cyco Swell helps enhance fruit quality

Cyco Supa Sticky

1 Litre


Cyco Platinum Series Supa Stiky will help increase plant resin production and also aid in fruit size and fruit quality

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