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Alfred Hydroponic Air Pump 4 Outlets 540L / H 5W



Alfred Hydroponic Air Pumps are the perfect choice for providing fresh oxygen to your hydroponic growing system. The steady air output pressure can be fine-tuned using the power adjustment knob located on the top of the air pumps’ casing. Other features include vibration absorbing rubber supports, molded ABS casing, low-power consumption, and more.

Quiet and reliable, Alfred Hydroponic Air Pumps are designed for hydroponic growers and indoor farmers of all levels and are available in a variety of air pressure levels to match your requirements.


  • Steady air pressure

  • Tunable air flow

  • Near silent operation

  • Vibration absorption system

  • Strong ABS casing

  • ROHS compliant

  • 1 Year warranty



5 Gallon polyethylene Pail - Black

Alfred's Lid 12 inch Net Pot 


5 gallon black bucket.png

Alfred Airline Blue Tubing 20' x 1 / 4"



Stone Queen Clay Pellets

6 litre bag 


clay pellets.jpg

HydroLogic 1 / 4" Tubing Pack 50' - Black



Liafor Clay Pellets

50 litre bag 


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