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Drying and Trimming

fiskars soft touch.jpg

Fiskars Micro Blade 


Alfred's Titanium Straight Blade 

ONLY $24.99

ONLY $18.99!!

Alfred's Titanium Curved Blade 

ONLY $18.99!!




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Trim Bin  


The CannaBrush is fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and fun. Simply grab a stalk of properly dried flowers and brush from top to bottom. Three rows of specifically designed silicone paddles are perfect for removing foliage with minimal impact to the final product. Brushing is an ergonomic motion and puts nominal stress on your hands and wrists. With the CannaBrush you can have the appearance of traditional scissor trimmed product in much less time.

Unlike other products on the market, the innovative Trim Bin features a high-walled design that keeps the work contained and allows for ergonomic comfort. The Trim Bin comfortably rests in your lap and lets you work relaxed anywhere. 

The top bin includes a built-in, ultra-fine 150 micron stainless steel mesh sieve screen to catch all the extra kief! 


18" Stainless Hydroponic Leaf Bud 3 Speed Rotor Spin Trimmer 

18" Automatic Table Leaf Trimmer

  •  Comes with 6 spare blades

  •  Trimmings are stored by a retrieval system

  •  Compact design only requires 4 square feet of space

  •  Easily accessed for periodic cleaning & maintenance

  •  Equipped with a powerful, efficient and quiet motor

  •  Designed with auto-shut off when cutting box is opened

  •  Efficient cutting without damage to the flower

  •  Complete with ventilation and debris recovery systems


This powerful trimmer is equipped with a maintenance-free 60 Watt motor, sharp stainless steel triple blades and variable speeds. Automatic output when finished; equipped with clean environmental handle; easy fold out design for convenient transport or storage; 180 degree tilt table for easy clean up.



19" Bowl Trimmer with Variable Speed Control   



24" Bowl Trimmer with Variable Speed Control   


Variable Speed Control OR Hand bud leaf trimmer is specifically designed for use in the processing of cannabis crops. This is the newest design with a "see through" clear top dome to see the flower buds being trimmed, without over trimming them. These trimmers will have your production and profits smelling sweet! Operate the trimmer with manual control or go hands free! The electric motor built into the base of the bowl includes speed control functionality to allow you to determine the automated speed at which the soft fingers brush along and prepare the crops.

Freeze Dryers