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Stealth Filtration Carbon Filter 70s

Product Code: 114107

The slender 70s Stealth carbon filter is made for both long life efficiency and a snug installation in even small or irregular spaces. This model stands at a sleek 70cm tall. The Stealth carbon filter is capable of both pushing and pulling odours, and other pollutants, through an outside pre-filter and dense inner carbon wall. This size is ideally paired with the Stealth 6” in-line fan to form a ventilation system with fluid air movement and minimal resistance.


The 70s carbon filter contains clean earth-mined carbon that has been naturally activated by sun and heat forces. As air passes through, this highly porous activated carbon will attract and trap small and large gas molecules. Unlike pellet-shaped carbon, Stealth granulated carbon is capable of capturing almost 100% of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that can cause strong odours, pest infestations and early plant decay.

The Stealth granulated carbon filter is compact, lightweight and less susceptible to premature clogging. Stealth in-line activated carbon filters should not be used in humid saturated air with 80% RH or higher. Intake Stealth fans should always be fitted to a carbon filter to avoid bringing in outside pests and pathogens into your grow space.


  • Slim form

  • Long-lasting pure granulated carbon

  • High-absorption rate

  • Capable of capturing large VOC molecules

  • Outer dust filter included


  • Model: 70S 

  • CFM: 400 

  • Flange: 6” flange pre-installed 

  • Pre-filter included

Dimensions & weight

  • Unit dimensions: 6” x 28” 

  • Package dimensions: 31" H x 9.75" W x 9.75" D

  • Weight: 28 lbs

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